SDART - Innovation through clever use of data

The Financial Microscope - business diagnostics and predictions

financial microscope system

The Financial Microscope delivers intelligent financial analysis and predictive business modelling. The smart new way to evaluate and manage the drivers of performance in a businesses portfolio. A comprehensive insight to protect from failures and boost performance. Read more

Data Mining Technology

Data Mining Service

Fact: in the retail sector, implementing data mining technology improves profits by 60%.

Data Mining – What is it and how to use it? Understand and harness the great opportunities offered by the capture and manipulation of business data to drive revenue streams. Read more

Product recommendation - with Data Mining

intelligent mobile assistance

SDART has been approached by representatives of the NTT Group with a request to consult and suggest future directions for their technology development. NTT Group is managing all areas of telecommunication and ICT business and constantly looking for state of the art solutions. Read more

Why companies like Boeing use SDART?


We worked with Boeing to develop a new Enterprise Communication Platform. This was designed to fundamentally change the way the company communicated internally. As we developed the system in small test stages and in parallel across multiple systems there was the opportunity for time and cost reductions as well as budget flexibility. Read more