Knowledge Transfer

SDART is actively involved in promoting the knowledge exchange of new technologies and developments. We have been invited to present at international conferences and seminars all over the word.

"How to get to the top of a league with Data Mining support"

premier league data mining

Football clubs, particularly in the Premiership and Championship, are rightly careful about their intellectual property, but all leaders in the sports world are known to collect vast amounts of statistics. In football that includes data on each player, team, game and season, from results, scores, runs, passes to assists, steals, defensive performances, corners and penalties. And it does not stop there, by a long shot. Read more

"GPGPU in Scientific Applications" - Madrid 2010

GPGPU in Scientific Applications – presentation of the studies in to computation advantages and limits with use of the Parallel Computing (Data parallelism) and General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit. Find out how the GPGPU can be used to speed up the calculation process. Read more

"AI-based software project management" - SETN 2010

SETN 2010 is an international conference on Artificial Intelligence Research. SDART presented a tutorial about Software Management Engineering in AI-based projects. The tutorial's aim is to familiarise participants with the problems concerning AI-based software project management. Read more

"AI & Soft Computing methods" - Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2009

This is the second year that SDART has been invited to present a tutorial for the IEEE audience. The main purpose of this presentation was to display how Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing methods can be embedded in general purpose languages. Read more

"Evolutionary methods" - Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2008

SDART presented relevant techniques for intelligent systems with the use of neural networks, evolutionary methods, fuzzy systems, knowledge and agent based approaches. Read more