Software Development

SDART offers software design and development services for online software applications, server applications and Windows/Linux/MacOS based software for a broad range of industries ranging from engineering to finance.

Our software development strategy centres on thorough understanding and support to your business at  all stages of the development. To achieve this we run projects by dividing development into three stages: Feasibility Study, Rapid Prototyping and Commercial Software Development or Systems Integration. This approach has the following advantages:

  • We help you understand how the proposed software and technology meet your needs to help you grow your business.
  • It delivers the technical specifications and costing in relation to your real business needs.
  • It delivers fast software prototyping, within days, at minimal cost to test initial ideas and to ensure the product is fit for purpose.
  • To run the project we use the most appropriate development cycle techniques. We use “Waterfall” for easier to plan developments that require more background preparation, and ”Agile development” for fast pace build and learn developments. We always ensure that the customer and developers work very closely, starting with a simple outline and building on the idea to let you see the results in regular stages.

Reduce development cost

It helps produce a product that works to maximum effect for you, more than just meeting the specification required.

It means a quicker preparation time, less risk, minimum investment to see initial results, a closer relationship between the developer and your business, and greater customer satisfaction. See the case studies of SDART software product development. Designed for customers who wished to improve their productivity or reduce their overhead costs.

Technologies offered

Software development technologies include: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, WebServices, WinForms, WCF, WPF, ADO.NET, SQL, LAMP (Linux, Appche, MySQL, PHP), Flash ActionScript, XML, Java, JavaScript, google webkit, extjs, iPhone apps.

We also specialise in consultancy in advanced Mathematical Modelling, AI related technologies and Data Mining services.