Practical Examples of Innovation - our work

The Financial Microscope - diagnostics and predictions

financial prediction systems
Intelligent financial analysis and predictive business modelling tool

The Financial Microscope is a new predictive technology available as an online platform that enables you to analyse in detail a company's financial standing and simulate future outcomes based on its financial strategy, performance and the relevant market conditions. Be more in control, reliably predict the long term financial future of a business, get a comprehensive insight into a businesses current financial condition. Read more

Intelligent mobile assistance and product recommendation service

intelligent mobile assistance.jpg
Technology leadership - how to produce a real value product recommendation system for your customers with Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining?

Concept solution for an intelligent mobile assistance and product recommendation service. Data Mining strategy for successful customer profiling and recommendation processes. The main focus was concentrated on the possibility of developing a new intelligent service that would offer real value suggestions and assistance to the customer. Read more

Enterprise Open Connectivity Platform

enterprise open connectivity platform
Highly regulated businesses - how do you broaden communication to streamline procedures?

Enterprise Open Connectivity Platform - flexible and capable integrating systems at any time. The development could be carried in small test stages, or in parallel across multiple systems. This scale of the system offers great flexibility, but also brings time and cost reduction as well as budget flexibility. Read more

Bankruptcy Prediction Technology

bankrupcy prediction
Financial performance forecast - how to give universal access to truly reliable health indicators and risk assessments?

SDART has developed an advanced Bankruptcy Prediction technology, which in trials outperforms the best commercial methods currently on the market. The Bankruptcy Prediction System is a dynamic knowledge-based system which predicts the early signs of extreme financial situations. Read more

Emission Reductions Expert Software

emission reduction
Emission reductions - how to pinpoint and cost the best solutios for any vehicle operator?

SDART has developed an expert piece of software incorporating an emission reduction calculation algorithm. The software enables fleet operators to calculate the emission produced by their fleet of vehicles and to plan their optimal strategy to reduce emissions. Read more

Database Synchronisation Tool

database synchronisation tool
Database synchronisation - how do you integrate different systems?

Integrate systems with a tool synchronising the two types of database in real time (so they would be running a mirror of the data in parallel. DB-Synchroniser allows for continues synchronising of data between Databases in SQL or MySQL and MS Access DB. Read more

SPE - E-Learning Engine

e-learning engine
E-Learning - how do you run and evaluate it without special skills?

SPE - standing for “SDART Presentation Engine” - is an E-Learning Management System developed for a European University in the form of a Rich Internet Application. The system has been designed to make the E-learning faster, easier and less expensive for the teaching provider. Read more

Smart Designer

smart designer
House extensions - how can you let customers completely design, plan, cost and supply their own projects?

SDART has developed a prototype system called "Smart Designer" - a tool that acts as a personal architect and building work adviser. It allows individuals to prepare and supervise housing extension projects, providing them with the detailed drawings for the layout of the extension. The system is also capable of calculating the projected cost of the designed project. Read more

CNC Production Monitoring System

production monitoring
CNC production - how can managers remotely monitor and act on every aspect of manufacture?

The system we devised logs the status of each machine, creating a production history. Managers are informed if a breakdown happens and is not resolved within the time frame assigned. Managers can have mobile access to see what happened (machine status, time, person responsible) and the opportunity to act when required. Read more

Automotive Remote Monitoring System

automotive remote monitoring
Automotive parts - how to acquire remote data for monitoring performance?

SDART has developed a communication system for an automotive parts manufacturer to monitor performance of products in real time and real life. Data from the vehicle together with data from the satellite navigation system are sent to the central system and collected in real time, then displayed on the mapping software. Read more

Point of Information System

point of information
Shared buildings - how can you cross-sell services to tenants and visitors?

The Point of Information System is a Building Navigation System that was designed to help inform the educational and business communities by displying information to variety of users, visitors and commercial tenants. The touch screen allows you to browse the content and navigate through the building and the tenants. The colourful animated adverts are guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone passing them-by. Read more

Online Questionnaire Tool

online questionaire
Online information gathering - where can you find easy-to-apply questionnaires responding logically to answers given?

The Questionnaire Tool is aimed at users who are not familiar with programming and want to be able to create and publish new questionnaires with no effort. The design engine incorporates a logic to how each section or each questionnaire follows the answers given in the previous one. Read more