Bankruptcy Prediction Technology

Financial performance forecast – how to give universal access to truly reliable health indicators and risk assessments?

Problem faced

How can you know just from publicly available data if a company will remain viable or will go bankrupt and will not pay off loans and other liabilities?

With such limited information it is very difficult to give a reliable answer even for the expert. Current automated systems are not very accurate. A new reliable algorithm or technology was required.

The commercial impact on business owners and employees as well as the wider economy is one of the hot topics in the current economic climate. Financial health prediction and risk assessment is still beyond of the reach of most companies. The task of predicting financial stability is extremely difficult and challenging even using the most sophisticated systems and technologies.

Our aim was to create a new technology that would enable us to build a system capable of reliable predictions as well as making the service available to the wider public.

Solution developed

SDART has looked into methods of evaluating the financial health of businesses through reliable methods of predicting risk of failure or other financial instabilities.

After many years of research, SDART has developed an advanced Bankruptcy Prediction technology, which in trials outperforms the best commercial methods currently on the market. The Bankruptcy Prediction System is a dynamic knowledge-based system, which predicts the early signs of extreme financial situations.

Development is on going to construct a system incorporating the technology. The system will provide access to the computation engine for a range of financial planning, forecasting and assessment tools.