Point of Information System

Shared buildings – how can you cross-sell services to tenants and visitors?

Problem faced

Office buildings occupied by multiple companies often don't share knowledge about "who is who" and what other services they can offer to each other or to visitors. Cross-reference between clients and visitors can be a very successful way of marketing.

The requirement for us here was to catch the attention of visitors waiting in the reception area and give them the ability to find out more if they see something that interests them. Another requirement was to create a Content Management System so the information can be easily updated and managed by the companies themselves.

Solution developed

One Central Park is educational and business environment with a variety of users, visitors and commercial tenants. The Point of Information System we developed is a Building Navigation System that was designed to help inform the educational and business communities within the location.

Its runs as short advertisements about the businesses located in the building. The touch screen allows you to browse the content and navigate through the building and the tenants. The colourful animated adverts are guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone passing them-by.

Point of Information is a Building Navigation System designed to act as a catalyst, helping to inform the communities (educational and business) within office buildings. Additional functional requirements include a safety briefing for new visitors, internal advertisements and navigational instructions through the building.

The project brings various technologies together. It combines computer animations, 3D modelling and search-ability of the database text and administration functionality of the Content Management System in order to deliver the bespoke application and fulfill the requirements of the Point of Information System.

The system displays information about the building with the option of a commentary for visually impaired visitors. A large plasma screen in reception informs people of the diverse role that a particular building performs through a series of graphical presentations and user interactions. In One Central Park it follows a logical storyline of the building as a place of enterprise, training and opportunity.

The system presents information in a succinct fashion and can be interrupted at anytime, allowing users to browse any part of the timeline to learn more about their immediate environment.

Point of Information System is a source of information for visitors, welcoming them and providing directions to particular rooms or essential details such as emergency exits. Moreover, daily users of the building will develop a better understanding of their immediate surroundings.

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Easy administration
  • Updating information by the companies using the system
  • Control over the presentation (time and content)
  • Search function
  • Visual representation of the building allowing for navigation
  • Presentation of the building facilities