Automotive Remote Monitoring System

Automotive parts – how to acquire remote data for monitoring performance?

Problem faced

Tests performed on vehicles are most realistic carried out n real life and in real time.

We were required to produce a system capable of collecting measurements in real time. The data collected included the engine performance and exhaust gases according to the speed and position of the vehicle. Statistics and history of the performance were also to be collected and stored for analysis.

The data display was achieved by plotting the emission results in real time on the city map. There have been many potential uses of the system developed. Engine performance and exhaust system performance provides all the information required for fleet monitoring by City Councils and environmental officers.

Solution developed

This communication system for an automotive parts manufacturer was created to monitor performance of products in real time and on a road.

It combines real time vehicle monitoring and database collection systems linked with a mapping solution provided by another company. Data from the vehicle together with data from the satellite navigation system are sent to the central system and collected in real time, then displayed on the mapping software.

Remote Data Acquisition Functions offered in the system

Fuel Efficiency Monitoring

  • Information about fuel consumption saved in the server
  • Statistical information presented in graphic form
  • Helps fleet operators plan and control expenses related to fuel. (Option available only in cars with fuel consumption sensors)

Driving Statistics

  • Acceleration and breaking history
  • Information displayed as flags to help the fleet operators control the safety of passengers and reprimand drivers
  • Also includes service predictions related to the mileage read from the system

Security Systems

  • Car tracking activated on user request and displaying current status of the vehicle and position on the road
  • User contacted via SMS when vehicle has been intruded into or moved
  • Vehicles stolen can be traced (Useful for individual owners and car rental companies, with potential for insurance discounts)

Delivery Route Planning

  • Additional tool to vehicle tracking system, calculating the shortest or best route for the vehicle using the real time position and traffic announcements
  • Used by delivery companies, emergency services, taxis and other fleet operators
  • In the case of bus fleets, central station can be connected with an interactive bus-stop information display, showing information about bus arrival times 

Roadside Assistance Service

  • System can be used as a means of helping locate vehicles and organise assistance in the case of a breakdown

Condition Control

  • Engine condition detection based on emissions, ECU information and statistical data about the maintenance schedule
  • Reminders can be sent to the user

GPS Monitoring System

  • Display and communication device connected to an already installed GPS can be used as a vehicle position monitoring system
  • The mapping software will be connected to the GPS of the unit and display current position and history of the route
  • Driver can be located and navigated by a real person from the call centre
  • Solution designed to fully utilise hardware already installed